Cookware Startup Great Jones Raises $1.75 M as it Broadens into Bakeware

Great Jones is expanding into a new area of the cooking area tomorrow, with what co-founder and CEO Sierra Tishgart described as the startup’s most significant launch because it launched its first products 2 years earlier.

Ahead of releasing the new bakeware line, Great Jones is revealing that it has raised $1.75 million in new funding.

The money originates from noteworthy figures in the e-commerce world– Fellow creator Jake Miller and Extremely Terrific creators Eric Prum and Josh Williams– along with restauranteurs consisting of Mimi Cheng’s co-founder Hannah Cheng, Lilia creator Sean Feeny, Kopitiam co-owner Moonlynn Tsai and Konbi co-owner Akira Akuto.

NEA partner Liza Landsman invested too, and Tishgart stated that Sweetgreen’s Nic Jammet and Parachute’s Ariel Kaye have signed up with the start-up’s board of directors. Tishgart noted that Great Jones has dealt with partnerships and item collaborations with a number of these investors, and she also indicated Kaye and Parachute as offering a model for how Great Jones can grow.

“To me, starting with sheets, [Kaye] has taken an item which individuals loved and attentively broadened to a broad selection,” Tishgart stated.

She sees a similar path for Terrific Jones– simply as Parachute has ended up being a “one-stop store” for the house, Tishgart wants her startup to do the very same for your kitchen area. Great Jones was released with pots, pans, and a Dutch oven then added a flat pan and is now expanding into an entire line of bakeware.

The new bakeware items (many of them motivated by traditional Pyrex styles) include the Sweetie Pie ceramic pie dish, the Hot Meal ceramic casserole dish, the Income producer loaf pan, the Patty Cake cake pan, and a brand-new broccoli-colored version of the Holy Sheet baking sheet. You can buy the pieces à la carte (the Holy Sheet is $35, the pie pans are $45 and the bread pans are $65 for a pair) or purchase the entire set for $245.

Tishgart added that the company has actually had an “actually, the truly hectic year” with lockdowns and social distancing.

“Individuals are cooking more than ever,” she said. ” This is a category and a market that has had the ability to grow on this.”

At the exact same time, Tishgart emphasized that the growing interest from millennials and younger customers is a long-term trend that will not go away when the pandemic is over– with the rise of celebrity chefs, prominent restaurants and more food material than ever, food and cooking have become a larger “cultural force” than ever.

There have been difficulties also, particularly as the pandemic has affected supply chains. Tishgart said the business has spent much of the year “going after product,” however it benefited from utilizing a range of products and dealing with a variety of manufacturers.

“This is one thing that upfront produced a more complex supply chain,” she said. “But it’s a strong saving grace now since we’re not reliant on one factory or one part of the world.”

The funding, Tishgart stated, will allow Great Jones to purchase more product advancement and production. And while there are plenty of other pots and pans start-ups raising funding, she said that “it’s inspiring, it’s interesting to see how other individuals analyze it” which the different brand names “all talk to various consumers.”