How Tinuiti’s 2021 Amazon Shopper Survey Can Help Marketers Navigate Changing Audience Behavior

Amazon has come a long way and is now leading the income race with a large market share in e-commerce, cloud computing, video streaming, music, groceries, and an online drug store. Tinuiti’s 2021 Amazon Buyer Survey reveals some remarkable customer habits and purchase patterns. Let’s take a look at the insights that came through and how it can assist online marketers.

Tinuiti commissioned the 2021 Amazon Shopper Study that was conducted by Survata between January and February 2021, where 2,001 American customers aged 18 and above were inquired about shopping on Amazon in the previous six months to comprehend how shopping habits and the Amazon marketplace have evolved.

Given that this research study happened before the coronavirus (COVID-19) took the world by storm, the answers are not in line with current behavior and shopping trends. However, the hope is that marketers can concentrate on these insights to guide future marketing techniques and get better.

Based on the actions, the essential findings from the survey are as follows:

  • 46% more consumers invested over $500 on Amazon in 2021 than in 2019
  • 70% were Prime members and 28% went shopping during Prime Day (56% more than 2019)
  • 55% bought electronic devices, computer systems, and workplace materials (male to female ratio was 3:2) and 37% were Gen Z and Millennials
  • 57% weren’t going to attempt brand-new items or brands, Gen Z comprises 33% that rarely do
  • 89% of Super Spenders periodically try new items or brands, and 54% would rather attempt new items on Amazon compared to other websites
  • 36% of Gen Z are fretted about counterfeit electronics, computer systems, and office items but trust client evaluates
  • 65% continue to go shopping through desktop or notebook computer, and Gen Z leads the variety of shoppers that utilize the mobile site and app
  • 12% secondhand voice shopping of which 9.7% are aged 65 and above (Baby Boomers)
  • 50% of mobile traffic is window shopping, while 40% of laptop computer and desktop users understand what they want
  • Over 43% periodically inspect costs in other places, most of whom are Child Boomers and Millennial ladies
  • 68% seldom notification advertisements due to banner blindness, 24% discover mobile ad positionings valuable

Overall, Amazon buyers make purchase choices based upon cost, benefit, and the number of evaluations and ratings. This makes it simpler for you as an online marketer to understand what to focus your advertising efforts on.

Key Takeaways for Online Marketers

Having an existence on Amazon can provide a major increase to brand name reach and engagement, which might help link with various audience sectors and improve sales. Here’s our take on the insights:

# 1. Rate is the gaining aspect

For 42% of respondents, the rate was the most significant deciding element. While marketers can’t constantly figure out pricing, it may be useful to keep in mind that the rate can be leveraged in advertisement and marketing projects. As we saw above, Baby Boomers and Millennial females are more than likely to compare prices, while less than 1 in 4 of Gen Z and Super Spenders (who $100 monthly on Amazon) check to price or consider it a choosing element.

With prices as the centerpiece, online marketers can make sure that messaging is customized for each audience sector, though the method will vary depending upon the group.

# 2. Convenience shipping is necessary, but not a top priority

Although the convenience of shipping is the second most essential deciding element, it appears to be reduced in importance throughout the years. This can be credited to the growing normalcy of receiving deliveries within a week. While Prime members do delight in the alternative of one-day shipments, other customers choose free shipment instead of quick shipment.

Given that shipment has gradually declining significance as an aspect, concentrate on keeping this aspect of business practices without having a hard time standing out. Ensure you can provide shipment of goods according to industry standards while likewise using quicker shipments for a cost.

# 3. Reviews and rankings to the rescue

The variety of scores or reviews a product has played a more significant role in purchase choices than ever in the past. For 1 in 10 shoppers, it is a top concern. This is primarily important to Super Spenders, but also to Gen Z clients who can be convinced by important descriptions or photos.

Their focus on content, whether product descriptions, media, or inputs from peers, only repeats the reality that material is king and a key location to focus on. Ensure product descriptions are instilled with the best mix of important info, appealing photos, and wit and humor to grab customer attention.

# 4. Concentrate On Gen Z

The under 25 generation has just recently entered the workforce and is careful of how they spend their money. Nevertheless, they seldom cross-check prices and spend $50 or less on Amazon monthly. Rather than previous generations, they depend on user reviews and trust them to be a choosing element. The majority of Gen Z likewise likes to search through the mobile app but stays with buying from known brand names.

While the consumer characteristics of this generation need to be explored further, you can utilize each of these information points to conjure a reliable strategy for each customer section. Prioritizing their value will ensure they get in touch with your brand.

What’s Next

This research study provides an extensive understanding of the different demographics and preferences when it pertains to all things Amazon. Here are a couple of tips you can follow to prepare a marketing method for Amazon:

While Super Spenders and regular shoppers are open to trying brand-new brands and products, they need a final nudge to purchase. Targeting these 2 groups, specifically, can be rather fruitful.

To browse banner blindness, and deal with Gen Z that finds advertisements informative, take to mobile marketing and reach the audience that’s most responsive to it.

While voice search might be brand-new and viewed as a priority for Gen Z, Child Boomers are discovering shopping through voice assistants rather hassle-free. Simplifying payment procedures will guarantee this medium ends up being successful.

Prime members are the most proactive when it concerns shopping and trusting the items sold on Amazon, connecting to them makes certain to get you devoted, transforming consumers.

The biggest category is electronic devices, computer systems, and workplace products, which suggests the competitors are high, and you’re going to need to produce a special bond with customers to be in the running. Client experience (CX) could be the differentiating aspect here.

Brands require to focus on producing a winning method that will consider all these elements. Produce your ideal buyer personality keeping the generations in mind and discover the proper ways to target each personality based upon these findings. It will guarantee newer potential customers are reached, and existing consumers remain faithful.